East Wake Republican Club

East Wake Votes Against Bond

East Wake Holds the Line!Here in East Wake, we did our job.  We voted against the severely flawed School Bond that will raise taxes by over 10% and cast Wake County into more than $3 billion in debt.  Unfortunately, the rest of the county - particularly the urban areas - did not agree with us.

In the eastern precincts of Wake County, we opposed the bond overwhelmingly in 100% of our precincts with a 60/40 vote overall opposing the bond.  The remainder of the county voted 60/40 in favor of it.  We believe that if we had been large enough to educate voters across the county as well as we educated our East Wake voters, we would have handily defeated this debacle.

Thanks to all of our club members who worked tirelessly on this bond issue and we challenge each of you to stay engaged and informed as this fiscal burden begins to be pushed upon us.  We must work to educate our neighbors about the dire predictions we made and how we're sure to see many of them begin to come true.