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Red, White, & BBQ 2017 Recap

KNIGHTDALE - On Saturday, July 15, 2017, the East Wake Republican Club held their 5th Annual Red, White, & BBQ celebration.  Over 1,000 attended from nearly three dozen counties across North Carolina.  Among them were around two dozen candidates and elected officials from all over the state.  The highest offices in the state were represented by Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, Congressman Mark Meadows, and NC Supreme Court Justice, Paul Newby.  Many other legislators and judges were on hand along with a host of local officials.

A couple of hours before the main event, a private reception was held for Congressman Meadows and was very well attended.  The main topic discussed was, of course, healthcare, but touched on a broad range of subjects including our current foreign policy challenges.  Congressman Meadows reinforced his committment to the repeal of Obamacare and expressed optimism that something would get done before the recess.  He passed along a message from President Trump that he would soon be coming back to visit us and thanked us for defying the pundits in swinging heavily for him in the election last year.

Our event this year included another "Conservative Expo" that saw many booths and tables set up by national and local conservative organizations.  Everyone from Heritage Action to NC Values to local clubs displayed at the event. 
After hearing from some of our vendors in a "preshow", Felice Pete, former President of the Wake County Republican Women's Club and long-time supporter of the East Wake Republican Club warmed up the crowd in a rousing challenge for our elected officials to keep their promises and for the attendees to hold their feet to the fire.  Rev. Mark Harris, of the First Baptist Church in Charlotte, opened with remarks and prayer - including his announcement that he was resigning to dedicate his time to running for the 9th District Congressional seat (currently held by Rep. Robert Pittenger).  He narrowly lost the primary in 2016 against a beleaguered Pittenger who has been embroiled in legal battles.
NC Supreme Court Justice, Paul Newby, led in the pledge of allegience after stirring, patriotic remarks about the significance of the pledge.  Lt. Gov. Dan Forest spoke earlier than usual in the program referring to his longstanding friendship with Congressman Meadows and praising the fight he has been waging in Congress for North Carolina.  He was followed with remarks by former Justice Bob Edmunds about the importance of re-electing Justice Barbara Jackson in 2018, Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, and the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Mark Johnson, fresh off of a court win in an ongoing battle with a state School Board seemingly obsessed with their own power.  It was a powerful program with enthusiastic participation of all attending as the evening approached the penultimate climax of the night - the presentation of the "Spirit of Jesse Award" and the keynote speech by Congressman Mark Meadows.
This year, the East Wake Republican Club presented the "Spirit of Jesse Award" to Congressman Mark Meadows for his unwavering commitment to conservative principles in the face of tremendous pressure, for his consistent conservative record that he has amassed since his election to Congress in 2012, and for his boldness to proclaim the Christian, conservative values that made this country great - very much in the spirit of the late Senator Jesse Helms.  Congressman Meadows joins a very select list of elected officials to receive the award that includes Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, NC Treasurer Dale Folwell, and Rep. George Holding.
Former club President, Duane Cutlip, explained that the "Spirit of Jesse Award" is intended to show support for elected officials who are doing what we've asked them to do.  He explained that voters are quick to criticize when they do wrong, which seems more often than not these days.  Which, he elaborated, is why an award supporting good representatives is so important.  The club has not committed to giving an award every year, and stressed that it would only go to elected officials they feel had truly earned it.
The Board of the East Wake Republican Club includes David Cozart (President), Barry Allen (Vice-President), Rhonda Allen (Treasurer), Fred Moore (Secretary), Rachel Pair, Carolynn Knott, James Paul, and Duane Cutlip.
The East Wake Republican Club seeks to energize, educate, and engage their local community while working with like-minded friends and neighbors to turn their country and party back to the founding principles that made America great - starting right here at home.

Video/Pictures of Red, White, & BBQ 2015 starting to come in

Please take a look at our Facebook page and photo album for Red, White, & BBQ 2015 to recapture some of the great memories!

We will be having a video produced from the evening and have segments of the speakers available as well.

For now, here is the video that Senator Ted Cruz produced just for us since he was unable to be there.  In it, he also introduces his father, Rafael Cruz, as one of the night's speakers.

Sen. Ted Cruz addresses Red, White, & BBQ 2015

Sen. Ted Cruz addressing Red, White, & BBQ 2015 and introducing his father as one of the speakers.

Posted by East Wake Republicans on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Holding Wins First-Ever "Spirit of Jesse" Award

George Holding Awarded the Spirit of Jesse Award

At this year's Red, White, & BBQ, Congressman George Holding became the first-ever recipient of East Wake Republican Club's "Spirit of Jesse" award.  The award is given to a politician who has demonstrated the spirit of Jesse Helms.  That means that they've displayed their conservative bona fides and have had the temerity to stick to their principles while faithfully executing their oath of office and representing their constituents.  The award is partially a recognition of how a politician has conducted themselves, but also a reminder of what we expect them to continue to do.

The award contains a quote from Senator Jesse Helms to serve as such a reminder.  It says, "I realize that being remembered isn't important.  What is important is standing up for what you believe to be right, hoping that you have done everything you can to preserve the moral and spiritual principles that made America great in the first place."

Congressman George Holding was recently named the 2nd most conservative member of Congress by the National Journal.  Last year, the McClatchy (who owns the N&O) wrote a piece entitled, "N.C. Rep. George Holding finding his way and not afraid to say ‘no’" that emphasized that he was following through with his campaign pledge to cut spending, was quick to say "no" when it needed to be said, and was following in the footsteps of Jesse Helms in areas like constituent services.

We're proud of the job Rep. Holding is doing, and we hope to see more of it!

Support his re-election at  GeorgeHoldingForCongress.com


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