East Wake Republican Club

May Meeting

Thursday, May 5, 2016
7:00pm (6:00pm for dinner)
McLean's Ole Time Cafe
418 W. Gannon Avenue
Zebulon, NC 27597


We have a very special treat this month with Hamody Jasim ("The Terrorist Whisperer") as our featured speaker.  
Hamody Jasim is a counter-terrorism expert & advisor and one of the most lethal intelligence sources that served during the Iraq war as a young Iraqi who was recruited by U.S. Intelligence after saving an American Military officer who was nearly abducted by al-Qaeda. His intelligence information changed the battle for the Marines in the Fallujah/Ramadi area by taking out one of al-Qaeda’s main operatives. He then went on to protect the Americans in the Operations Center in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense by intervening a suicide belt before it detonated. He was known as the pro American to the higher intelligence agencies who would report his street level intelligence to the direct presidential advisors. People he helped called him the “Terrorist Whisperer” because he could take on the terrorists face to face by identifying their weaknesses.
You can purchase his book, The Terrorist Whisperer: The Story of the Pro-American on Amazon
You're really in for a treat - don't miss this meeting!