East Wake Republican Club

The Great Debate 2014

Changes for April Meeting


We will forego our normal first-Thursday-of-the-month routine just for this month so that we can focus on The Great Debate that will happen on April 11, 2014.Get your tickets now!

Get your tickets now!

We have invited All Eight Republican U.S. Senate Candidates. Most have already confirmed their attendance.

This will be the best opportunity for folks in the five-county area to meet and hear the Senate candidates prior to the primary election.  Invite your friends, neighbors, fellow church members, and fellow employees.

We're not trying to make money from this event.  The $10 per person will offset some of the costs involved in promoting and carrying out the event.  We wanted to keep the costs low so that anyone can attend. You and your neighbors need this opportunity to be fully informed of your choices as you go into the voting booth on May 6th.

Included with your ticket will be a full BBQ & Fried Chicken dinner including sides, drinks, and dessert catered by Smithfield's BBQ (while supplies last - first come, first served).