East Wake Republican Club

December Meeting

It's this Thursday, December 6, 2012!

(You won't want to miss this one!)

 Smithfield's Chicken & BAR-B-QUE

7304 Knightdale Blvd.
Knightdale, NC 27545

7:00 Meeting

Join us at 6:00pm for dinner! 

Our special guest speaker will be economist Frank Roche.  Frank was known as "Talk Radio's Chief Economist" on WRDU 106.1's Sunday afternoon talk show.  He has been a local candidate for Congress and NC State Treasurer.  Frank is an Adjunct Prof of Economics as well as a Currency Trader, Financial Markets Economist, writer, and commentator.  He also currently hosts an online radio show at http://www.thefrankrocheshow.com/.  

Find out what is likely to happen to our economy in the coming year.  Knowledge is power.  If you have an idea what to expect, you can plan better.  Frank will give us some insight into the fundamentals of our economy and how things might play out if Congress does or does not come to an agreement about the "Fiscal Cliff".